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We aim beyond producing great recordings and pretty pictures. We help musicians produce better performance by allowing them to hear what the audience hears. This transforms the relationship through guided self-assessment with the ability to tailor and enhance the project cycle. 

For Individuals

For an individual embarking on their musical journey, they need goals. We believe that the goals need to be self motivated and chosen with guidance from a tutor.  

Recording for individuals allows them to hear what the audience hears and provides and objective perspective on their performance. This transforms the role of a tutor to guiding rather than imposing an external viewpoint. 

Individuals should critically listen and assess self-recordings against their set goals and mark themselves with equal weighting to that of the tutor. 

This process creates a cycle where the individual can grow and develop against a backdrop of archived performances and reflect on where they have been to propel them into the future of their musical journey. 

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For Ensembles

Similarly to individuals the overall goals of an ensemble heavily contribute to the enjoyment and success of the participating players. Generally a goal of an ensemble would be a performance, however we believe that recording brings a comparable level of focus and can transform the rehearsal process and experience. This shift of focus is particularly noticeable in school aged ensembles where there is a lift in energy similarly to a live performance. 

By professionally pre-recording an ensemble, players are able to gain a perspective shift and hear what the audience hears. The ensemble and individual players are then able to critically listen and self-assess leading to dramatic improvements in the following rehearsals before a traditional performance. 

Utilising recording in the final performance allows for the best possible capture of an ensemble and can be a tool for a variety of uses from festival entry to archive. 

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